At the Purrrfect Touch Massage Therapy you will receive the purrrfect combination of massage modalities to specifically address the symptoms, pain, and ongoing abuse you subject your body to. Julie will begin by taking a moment to discuss your exact pain, causes of pain, and other treatments you have sought out to get the most effective therapeutic massage treatment for you. Your single massage price may incorporate multiple modalities into one complete therapeutic massage, helping you to regain flexibility and movement, and ultimately live pain free.

Therapeutic MassageTherapeutic Massage

The type of massage you will receive is custom designed to your needs, helping alleviate symptoms of pain throughout your body. If you suffer from headaches, insomnia related stress, fribromyalgia, digestive disorder or sports injuries, a therapeutic massage may be for you. Learn More

Deep Tissue

Chronic muscle pain can be relieved by massaging the deepest muscles, tendons and fibers in our therapeutic massage focusing on deep tissue. Highly recommended for rehabilitating injured muscles, reducing stress, and increasing blood flow, you are sure to see the most benefits when massaging the underlying layers of muscles deep below the skin. Discuss your pain and needs, and we will include the modalities most suggested to give you optimal relief from chronic or acute pain. Learn More

Trigger Point Therapy / Myofascial Release

This manual therapy that focuses on on detecting and releasing trigger points. Located in the skeletal muscle, trigger points are spots that produce pain when compressed. In many cases, trigger points form as a result of trauma to the muscle fibers. A manual trigger point therapy may be incorporated into your therapeutic massage and include specific manipulations to the muscles, fascia and connective tissues. Ultimately this will be used to improve circulation and blood flow, promoting healing and reducing pain.

neck pain

CBD Therapies

Utilizing the highly sought after and potent compounds found in CBD creams, ointments, and oils your therapeutic massage is an organic way to help your body enact the cannabinoid system, helping you heal from the inside out. As part of your therapeutic massage you will find lasting effects when this compound is included as part of your massage regime.


Incorporating a variety of essential oils into your therapeutic massage will help your body naturally ease into a balanced, relaxed state. Including this method into your massage therapy is common. This may include rosemary, clary sage, lavender, or jasmine, each with calming and healing properties. The aromatherapy used during your massage is included in the complete massage you will receive at The Purrrfect Touch.

reflexology foot massageHot Stone Massage

Super heated, smooth stones may be used during your therapeutic massage to provide the purrrfect combination of heat and pressure. This modality is used in combination with others to effectively relax muscles, promoting a superior state of relief.  Learn More


When you suffer from pain between the foot and upper leg, incorporating reflexology into your therapeutic massage may offer tremendous relief. This is the massage modality of choice for casino workers, food service workers, hairdressers, retail workers and anyone spending a majority of their time on their feet. Learn More

Massage Therapy Tools

Incorporating a variety of professional tools into your therapeutic massage may help you achieve optimal results. They may be included at discretion of your massage therapist.

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