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“A few years ago my back went out completely. I literally had to have an ambulance come to my house and they had to lift me up onto a gurney and then carry me out of the house. That is how injured I was at my worst point.

For years this went on and on. I went to see some chiropractors which helped a little bit, but my mobility was destroyed and my right leg shrunk over an inch because of the atrophy from not using it and my left leg was doing almost all the work to get me around. The doctors were of no help aside from giving me pain meds, which only alleviated the pain but never treated the problem. I really began to wonder if I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. Nothing seemed to work and I was miserable.

Then one day in 2015, I was grocery shopping and this lady saw me limping along in pain and asked me if I was okay? I said my back has been out for years and nothing seems to help. She said, “I might be able to help you with that, I do trigger point massage”. So she gave me her card which I had for over a month. I figured I it would be best to get some more chiropractic work done and when I felt my bones were in alignment I’d give her a call. So one week I had three adjustments done but was not much better off than before.  That’s when I finally gave her a call to set up my first appointment.

After just one session where she worked on my right leg and lower right back, I felt a big change in my pain and I could walk for the first time without that constant pain on my right side of my lower back. I could not believe the results in just one session. Needless to say, I set up another appointment about a week later. After the second visit, I was pretty close to normal. I was shocked! I had tried everything besides surgery and after just two sessions with Julie, I was on the road to recovery.

Since my first treatment with Julie, I have had about a half dozen more sessions, which have greatly helped me from my original state of being almost bed ridden to getting on the treadmill and doing over 8 miles of walking in a single day at a 4.2 mile per hour pace. I used to be an athlete when I was younger and with her help I have been able to start getting back into shape again.

Not only did Julie help me physically but she could not have been a nicer person to deal with. Some people can act like life is a grind.  Julie is one of those special people that really cares about others health and wellbeing. She is a true professional and an amazing human being that I am very fortunate to have met. She is single handedly the reason I am getting around right now virtually pain free. I have nothing but good things to say about her and would recommend anyone who has any pain issues to see her for treatment.

My problem, turns out, is my sciatic nerve and for a long time there was no real diagnosis or successful treatment. I never thought my problem could’ve been treated without surgery.  I cannot thank her enough for bringing back my mobility and enabling me to get around like normal again. I had her card for over a month before I finally called her to set up an appointment. Don’t do what I did and wait that long to get help. I don’t write many reviews and I would not write one like this unless I really believed in the service. Julie is amazing and I recommend her 100% without hesitation. Personally and professionally she is the best person I have dealt with in a long time.

Thank you Julie,”

Eric | 8/21/2016

“I want everyone to know about Julie and The Purrrfect Touch. Julie is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. She listens to what problems you are having and is very good at taking care of them. I’d like to briefly share a problem Julie was able to help me with. I hurt both my arms about 5 to 6 months ago and was told by doctors that I would have to give up bowling for the rest of this season and to really limit what I could do at work. I did what the doctor ordered but this is when Julie stepped in. With the info I provided to Julie she was able to work with me extensively and get me back to almost 100%. Not only am I bowling again, (2 to 3 months before I thought I could!!) but I feel better than I have in a very long time!! Thank you very much Julie for helping me feel good again, it’s nice to not have restrictions!! You will hate her the first day, (working out the kinks) like her the next, (recovery) and love her after that. (healing)
I highly recommend Julie to everyone I know.”

Jim S. | Yelp | 3/27/2015

“I had one of Julie’s massage for the first time in my life. She did trigger point on me which got out all the kinks in my body. Thanks Julie! Best massage ever!!! I suggest everyone to try it just once, and then become a regular like me”

Susan D. | Yelp | 2/18/2014

“I only have one thing to say about massages I get from Julie…I can’t get enough of them!!! I have had back and shoulder problems for a very long time and Julie has been able to help me relieve a lot of that discomfort.
Julie really knows her stuff, she has spent a lot of time learning her craft and is very obvious to me when getting a massage how much she cares about the well-being of her clients. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Thank you Julie for all you do!!!”

Jim S. | Yelp | 2/16/2014

“I have had a lot of massages, unfortunately a lot of weak ones. I finally had to quit my membership at a local place as I did not get much benefit. I was happy to find Julie, conveniently, near my office on East Flamingo. Her hands really know how to find my trigger points, then, she knows how to work them out. In contrast to most therapists, she actually listened to my complaints of where my problem was and went right to work. I think a lot more people would use massage therapy if all therapists were this good.”

Kenneth H. | Yelp | 3/13/2014

“Julie Jaques is the best massage therapist in Las Vegas. If you body is sore and you need relief, Julie has the perfect touch!”

Greg G. | Yelp | 2/23/2014

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